Whether you wish to promote a small business, express a personal interest, or share a significant life event, a well planned and thoughtfully crafted website is essential to making a positive impression. Meld Websites works closely with clients to creatively express their objectives, be they business or individual. Perhaps you have an existing website that you wish to revamp, adding contemporary graphics and updated text, or maybe you wish to start anew, creating a unique online presence that stirs the senses and captures the imagination. Whatever your starting place, Meld Websites is pleased to help you realize your vision, offering expert guidance, insight, and technical skills with design templates from Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Lightspeed, and others.


Elevate your business or highlight a personal endeavor with an elegant, functional design.


A perfectionist's ethic...

“John Holt has an eye for clean design, a perfectionist’s ethic for details, and a level of professional and personal courtesy that is rare. He is a great ally to have in expanding your web presence and appeal.”

— Y.S.

Superb workmanship...

“I couldn't be more pleased with the results! Meld Websites offers superb workmanship and aesthetic details. Reworking content from my former website, John created a bold new look for my online business.

— G.S.

Crisp, clear design...

“John Holt's website design work speaks for itself, and the results are impressive; his crisp, clear aesthetic is evident throughout each of his sites, and his speed and accuracy are admirable. I highly recommend Meld Websites.”

— J.B.