Introducing Meld Websites


Since its founding in 2017, Holt Design LLC has grown from serving a few clients in Boulder, CO to a few dozen clients across the country, from California to Colorado, Texas to Mississippi. In recent months, I have focused primarily on website design and maintenance, as these areas provide the greatest opportunity for self expression. While I enjoy creating print marketing materials, e.g., folders, flyers, pamphlets, and cards, designed to mirror imagery found on the websites I design and build, and periodically post to my social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the thrust of my business is websites, and the maintenance thereof. Therefore, I rebranded my business to Meld Websites. Just as the word, meld, means to form something by merging or blending, so do I take sites that have fallen behind the technological curve and remake them into something new. What’s more, the name meld does not refer to an individual but a process, and as such is easily transferred, whereas a name, such as Holt, is specific to a person. While I continue to complete all work in house, my long-range goal is to expand the business to include more people—diverse individuals of various backgrounds, skills, and areas of expertise—and as I do I want them to identify with a name that symbolizes the convergence of thoughts and ideas. Simply put, I want to meld our talents into one enterprise that is bigger, better than any one person could hope to be, hence the name, Meld Websites.