Building a Website: Choosing a Platform


When building a new website, there are a variety of platforms from which to choose, and if you watch television chances are you’ve seen commercials touting the ease of designing your own site. In recent years, a variety of companies have made tremendous strides, including WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and my personal favorite, Squarespace. While each platform has its benefits, every offering has its detractors as well, so deciding which one to use depends largely on the project. For instance, WordPress affords designers great freedom of expression, but requires technical maintenance, e.g., updating plug-ins, add-ons that when left unchecked stop working. Wix has great storage capacity, and offers phone support, but is more rigid in its design, limiting what a designer is capable of achieving in other platforms. Shopify syncs with numerous payments systems, but is far less versatile than Wix, and requires plugins from third-party vendors. Squarespace, by comparison, is quite robust, allowing designers to create visually striking layouts without the use of plugins. There is no phone support, but written conversations may be recorded via transcripts. In addition, updates are automatic, and a variety of features are available for a reasonable price, including emails complete with analytics.  To learn more, please contact Holt Design LLC at or call (303) 218-3382.