Wily Cycles: Factory Direct Titanium Bikes


Wily Cycles is the fourth website Holt Design LLC has built for Janus Cycle Group, a Boulder, Colorado based bicycle consortium comprised of Merlin, Dean, Wily, Rossin, and other top-flight names yet to be announced. As Janus grows, so do the offerings of its iconic brands, which feature innovative technology throughout their respective lineups. Where Merlin and Dean provide numerous custom options for cycling’s most discerning customers, avid riders who spend handsomely on small details, Wily is a bargain for customers desiring the strength, durability, and comfort of titanium without the premium price often associated with the aerospace grade material. Just as the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg shared the same frame and were assembled in the same factory, so do Merlin and Wily have much in common down to their geometry. The key differences between the two titanium brands lies less in their layout and weight and more in their respective finishes and options for customization. Of course, luxury cars and fine bicycles are also appreciated for their pedigree. Whereas Merlin and Dean are revered as some of the best titanium bikes money can buy for their exquisite detail and myriad design choices, Wily is respected for its cost-effective approach, savings that are largely achieved through factory direct stock frame sizing. Learn more at wilycycles.com.