C60 Energy: Powerful Antioxidants


C60 Energy is the fourth site Holt Design LLC has built for Boulder, Colorado based Exercise Physiologist and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Glenn Streeter. Beginning with Vital Life Services, a holistic healing company offering a variety of energetic technologies, Holt Design helped to expand Glenn’s digital reach with Energy MedFit, a company whose online platform includes a variety of telemedicine and biohacking options. Based on the success of these two sites, Glenn commissioned a third site, CannaCarbon, which specializes in cannabidoil (CBD) products. Providing the naturopathic benefits of hemp with no psychotropic affects, Cannacarbon’s unique formula blends CBD with the Carbon 60 molecule, providing relief to both humans and animals, including cats, dogs, and horses. As CannaCarbon took flight, Glenn furthered his business success with C60 Energy, a powerful technology with 170 times the antioxidant capabilities of Vitamin C, which itself holds tremendous health and wellness benefits. As Vital Life Services and Energy MedFit became increasingly similar, Glenn opted to merge the two and now has three prosperous sites, Energy MedFit (energymedfit.com), CannaCarbon (cannacarbon.com), and C60 Energy (c60energy.com).