Eldorado Springs Art Center: A Local Gem


After completing a website for Sculpture Giuseppe Palumbo, owner of Gallery Giuseppe, I began work on a sister site for the Eldorado Springs Art Center (ESAC), an artist collective founded, curated, and directed by Giuseppe. Established in 2000, ESAC rests on the foundation of a dilapidated Volvo repair shop, which recently renovated, is now a sculpture studio, art gallery, and public meeting space. Nestled in the woods of Eldorado Springs, a small, tight-knit community located a few miles south of Boulder, Colorado, ESAC is home to several artist studios, a public sculpture garden, a fine art gallery, Airbnb lodging, and a community meeting  space. As Giuseppe describes it, ESAC is based on the idea that “art is an essential component of a healthy society.” The collective “supports the arts, and those that create art, building community with purposeful action for current events and sustainable practices, understanding that true wealth is what we do and share, not what we have.” To this end, ESAC, a local gem, works with artists from multiple disciplines, including sculptors, painters, poets, writers, glass, jewelry, musicians, fashion design, graphic artists and creative nonprofits. In addition, the facility can be rented for private event functions and retreats.