Aesthetics by Design: Denver MediSpa


I was introduced to Aesthetics by Design (ABD) by my friend, Sarah Rutherford, who works as a Paramedical Aesthetician for the Denver based medical spa, and was duly impressed with the company’s Founder and Medical Director, Mario Imola, who proved well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Sitting down with Mario, Sarah, and ABD office manager, Jennifer Flores, the old adage, “how you do something is how you do everything,” proved true for the team took the discussion of building a new site seriously, offering high-level insight into what they were seeking in both look and feel. While Mario’s primary concern was preserving the SEO built into his previous site, Sarah and Jennifer sought a clean, elegant design in a platform that is easy to maintain and pleasing to the eye. Sharing the functionality of Squarespace, a drop-and-drag template-based website design tool, we agreed to proceed, and the rest is history. In under two weeks, the project was complete, and the ABD team is now fielding numerous calls from new clients. As part of ABD’s yearly maintenance plan, I continue to make small changes to the site, working closing with Jennifer, who is quickly learning the skills required to update the platform, from blogs to events. Indeed, the ease of using Squarespace is one of the reasons I am happy to recommend Squarespace to my small business and individual clients.