Gallery Giuseppe: A Unique Opportunity

Through my work with the Colorado Cancer Foundation (CCF), a Colorado based 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit devoted to curing cancer in all its forms, I met Giuseppe Palumbo, a renaissance man who expanded a career in architecture and building to include inventing and sculpting, crafting one of a kind furniture pieces and anthropomorphic works of art, from flying pigs to dancing sheep. A philanthropist, Giuseppe opened his Eldorado Springs Canyon studio, the Eldorado Springs Art Center, to the CCF Board of Directors for a party following its annual fun run, the Eldorado Springs Run for the Cure, which takes place on Friday, August 03 at 6:30PM beside the entrance to Eldorado Canyon State Park. Having spent several years in construction, and studied Art History, Painting, Drawing, and Graphic Design in college, it was a unique opportunity, and a distinct pleasure, to work with someone with whom I had so much in common. In fact, Giuseppe’s second and primary studio, located in Berkeley, CA, is not far from my home town of Palo Alto, CA, providing a chance to share stories and fond memories of the San Francisco Bay Area. Building Giuseppe’s site, Gallery Giuseppe, was rewarding, for it represented a stylistic break from projects I’ve done before. It was also fun to learn more about his works, and then to come face to face with many of them at the Eldorado Springs Art Center after viewing them, repeatedly, online; it was like a dream come to life.