Driving & Thriving: Life Well Lived

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I met Keith Hobgood ten years ago in 2008 while working at a Boulder-based Deneuve Construction, a reputable design-build company affectionately named after the French Actress, Catherine Deneuve. A Project Manager with a yen for teaching, Keith was quick to share his knowledge with carpenters, such as me, and I was eager to learn. Shortly after meeting Keith, I was introduced to his wife, Chantelle, who accompanied him to the firm's annual Christmas dinner. Flash forward a decade, and I reconnected with Keith and Chantelle near my home in Denver. Having recently retired from the "nine to five grind," they had taken to living on the open road in a large gold recreational vehicle (RV) they call "The Golden Snail." Though many years had passed, Keith and Chantelle were as warm as ever, and over the course of a long lunch at Stapleon’s Stanley Marketplace the time between us quickly disappeared until all that was left were feelings of commonality and a mutual interest in business. To maintain their traveling lifestyle, which takes them back and forth across the country, Keith and Chantelle share Essential Oils, a natural cure for many ailments, and needed a website. After a few conversations it was clear, that helping others, not sales, was their first priority, and a lifestyle site, Driving & Thriving, was born.