A Survival Story: A Study In Courage


I met best-selling Biology textbook Author, Linda Lundgren, through a mutual friend, and developed her website, A Survival Story, over the course of several months as she traveled the East Coast with her husband and high school sweetheart, Rich. Linda's story is as inspiring as it is moving, for she overcame tremendous pain at the hands of her physically abusive father to rise up the ranks of the publishing world, realizing her dream of becoming a successful author in spite of remarkable odds. Not only did Linda make it out of her father's house to marry a kind and loving man, but she preserved academically as well, garnering a postgraduate degree at a time when women were effectively banned from received PhDs. To read Linda's stories is to look into a world few wish to see, but in doing so you find the makings of a remarkable person, a woman who found beauty in the natural world, and channeled her passion towards helping others into a successful career. Now, decades after her youthful struggles, Linda is able to reflect on a life well lived. In her blog posts you can learn of her travels, her children, and her beloved grandchildren, all of whom are doing equally remarkable things with their lives. So, for anyone who has ever struggled A Survival Story is for you.