Merlin Metal Works: An Industry Icon

An avid cyclist for over 30 years, I remember Merlin Metal Works (Merlin) as the standard by which all bikes were judged in the late '80s and early '90s. Up until that point, the best bicycles were produced by hand, steel frames fitted together with steel lugs or fillet brazed by master welders, such as Tom Ritchey. Yes, Look had created a carbon frame, but at that point nothing held a candle to titanium (Ti), which was light, stiff, and forgiving, melding the best qualities a rider could hope for into a material that was remarkably strong and impervious to rust. Simply put, Ti was a game changer, and Merlin was the first to bring it into mass production. Designed by master revered frame builder, Tom Kellogg, and welded by a select few, Merlin was synonymous with quality, and quickly became an industry icon. When the opportunity arose to build a website for the beloved bike company, I considered it an honor and a privilege, so much in fact that I decided to purchase a piece of history and am now the proud owner of a new Merlin gravel bike. With immaculate welds, and gently swaying tubes, it is truly something to behold, like the bird of prey for which it is aptly named. To learn more about Merlin, please visit Merlin Bikes