Janus Cycle Group: Bridging the Gap


After completing websites for Merlin Bikes and Dean Bikes, I had the pleasure of building a site for Janus Cycle Group, the parent company that holds the two brands, and several others yet to be announced. Family owned and operated, Janus is not a corporate holding company, but a family business through and through, with one of the members welding the majority of the titanium bikes it sells. The name is particularly fitting for a growing company, for in ancient Rome Janus was the God of transitions and new beginnings, symbolized by arched doorways and a double-headed figure: one looking to the future, and one looking to the past. So, it is fitting that Janus Cycle Group represents a collection of premium cycling brands spanning multiple generations. Home to a growing list of names, including the famed Italian bicycle company, Rossin, Janus offers sport enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the best of contemporary and classic cycling with frames made of titanium, carbon, and steel, bridging the gap between old and new. As a cycling aficionado it is a pleasure to work on such sites, for it is a walk, or should I say a ride, down memory lane. Indeed, one of my first jobs thirty years ago, was in a bike shop that carried Rossin. To this day, I fondly recall admiring the paint, the tubes, and the elegant lugs that held them together.