Dean Bikes: Custom Titanium Bikes

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With a passion for cycling, it was a pleasure to design and build a new website for Boulder Colorado's Dean Bikes. One of the world's foremost custom titanium bicycle builders, Dean offers a selection of handmade bikes for multiple disciplines, including Mountain, Gravel, Travel, and Road. In the words of Dean Co-Founder, John Siegrist, “Dean Bikes began in 1989 when two bicycle racers set out to produce the most technically advanced bikes in the world. With this goal in mind, each and every frame is hand built using only the finest materials. With our cold-worked stress-relieved 3/2.5 aerospace Titanium you can rest assured each and every Dean frame is built to perfection. Continuing with its high standards in quality, innovation, and technical performance, Dean continues to expanded its product line with custom frame options, diverse color choices, and unique build kits.” If you're considering a handmade, custom fitted titanium bicycle Dean Bike's encourages you to visit its Boulder, CO showroom and adjoining workshop. Take a tour of their facilities, and you'll see firsthand the depth of quality and commitment to detail they put into every bicycle, from standardized frame offerings to one of a kind custom-fitted models. To learn more, please visit Dean Bikes