WesternLaw Group: On Time & Budget

“Proudly serving Colorado Homeowner Associations (HOA) and Executive Boards, WesternLaw Group focuses on the preventive aspects of HOA procedures, and interpretation of governing documents. Developing methods for associations to operate and communicate with a level of efficiency that enhances a sense of community, they encourage open communication between the owners, board of directors, and management companies to resolve conflicts prior to taking legal action (westernlawgroup.com).” Constructing a new website for WesternLaw Group was an informative process, for in doing so I learned about contract review, assessment collection, covenant enforcement, governing documents, and similarly pertinent information for HOAs and their Executive Boards. Not only were the company partners wonderful to work with, providing material from former sites that I consolidated and merged into one, but they were clear in their desires, and open to my ideas, affording me creative license to build a site that conveyed information in a clear, concise, and accessible manner. As a business owner, I appreciated WesternLaw Group’s efficient communication, as they promptly replied to my requests for information, and as a Designer, I found their trust affirming. Indeed, the project, like all my work, was completed on time, and on budget, resulting in our mutual satisfaction.