Pulsed Harmonix: PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Harmonix is a Colorado based medical device company producing the A2000, a portable pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy unit. Recognized for its healing abilities in humans and animals, PEMF therapy uses a gentle electrical current to direct a series of magnetic pulses through damaged tissue, from sore muscles to broken bones, inducing tiny electrical signals that stimulate repair at the cellular level. When contracted to build a new website for Pulsed Harmonix, I began by researching PEMF technology. Identifying several key attributes, including efficacy, mobility, and cost, I created text or copy that spoke to the layperson and technological enthusiast alike. While visuals are important, thoughtful descriptions play an integral role in constructing an authoritative online presence, and I structured this site to be a resource for consumers and practitioners. While template-based web-building programs make site maintenance relatively simple there is an art to creating online platforms that are aesthetically pleasing and navigationally intuitive. In this case, the art is elevated to include information that is educational to laypeople and credible to scientists. To accomplish this, I worked closely with the company’s scientific advisory board, as well as people who had never heard of the PEMF therapy, creating an engaging site for a broad audience.